Johnny Rebel Acres
Where the horse comes first......
We believe that horses need to roam, graze and socialize as God
originally intended.  With that in mind, our horses are separated
into herds based on size, temperment and need.  All horses are
let out to graze an average of 16 hours per day depending on

During the hot summer months, the horses are stalled from 1pm
until sunset to protect them from the heat.

We feel the horses are happier and healthier when left outside,
instead of stuck in a stall.
Each horse is fed based on its individual needs.  All rations are
weighed.  We do not believe that "One Bag" feeds every horse.  
We will provide the feed your horse needs.  You will never be
charged an additional fee for a "hard keeper"

We provide high quality hay that is available to the horses 24/7.  
While in their stalls they receive an unlimited ration of
Alfalfa/Orchard mix.  In the pastures, we provide constant
Coastal/Bahia or similar hay depending on the season.
Every horse is checked daily for bumps, bruises and scrapes.  
Any first aid that may be needed is applied right then and there.
We do not wait for you to show up and do it.  Sunscreen, fly spray,
fly masks, etc. are all taken care of as needed.  Feet are checked
and cleaned on a regular basis.

Grooming is not included in the regular board rate, but can be
added for an additional fee
2635 Brocksmith Road, Ft. Pierce, Fl 34945
(772) 370-1858